In light of better information

We provide consulting and practical implementation on utilizing the most valuable resource, information.

When the quality, complexity or availability of information begins to restrict business, we turn it into a growth-enhancing resource. We set the ground for digitalization, scalability and high-level analytics.







Expert Information Management

Managed information enables the development of digital services. Controlled information contributes to the modernization, improvement and security of internal processes. Well maintained knowledge helps achieve better analytics and understanding of business and its possibilities.

Sparta Consulting is a strike force of modern-day business development. We help our customers to understand utilize and improve information.

Entering new territories or protecting existing domains Sparta Consultants are ready to join forces to overcome any challenges in the digital domain.

We create capabilities

The purpose of information management is to serve all business areas in achieving their potential. The development of technology, processes and know-how all effect information. If the information is not developed alongside, it will eventually start to slow the business down. We assure our customers make the best use of their information, to best serve their business goals. Like the Spartan warriors of old, we are ready and capable to help!

We create capabilities to:

  • Generate growth
  • Building better services
  • Improving data utilization
  • Implementing new technologies
  • Delivering better analytics
  • Streamlining processes
  • Monitor and secure data

… and much more

Our value proposition

To every project, we bring Spartan discipline and determination. Our mission to spearhead development to provide lasting results.

Our values are based on rigorous attitude and treating our customer as one of our own. We are one!

If our customers do not feel that they have received the value expected, we will not charge for the work done.

“Come back with your shield or on it.”
Spartan mother to her son.