It’s all-in-the-mix. As expertise and methodologies mingle together we will work wonders. Targeting tactics help ensure actions stay focused on achievable outcomes.

“No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy.” - Helmuth von Moltke.


As an external partner, we can help expose issues that are potentially too close to be easily perceived within a client organization.

A shared perspective and understanding of how processes, data, and systems work together enable constructive development of these areas as a whole. Stating client specific, common sense, guiding principles.


A shared understanding leads to better cooperation. Creating cross-party clarity so that targets are shared as well as tactics agreed on how to reach them.

Our custom visualization & communication platform supports this process by grouping all relevant elements in a shared and easily understood environment.

Practiced Formation

Our tactic consists of four distinct phases as well as phalanges. Each customized to the specific needs of the project at hand.



Defining the target state is based on business and strategic goals. We help create an understanding of what this means in terms of data and technology. Making sense of things.



Utilizing a custom tool to illustrate relationships between data, processes, and technology in a shared space we help translate different targets into concrete action plans. Getting on the same page.



Transformation takes time and changes to procedures create transition issues. Sparta provides methods and technology for tracking process integrity. New ways to integrate critical oversight. Reassurance that things are going-to-plan.



Once this pivotal actions plans are shared and described in a way that all stakeholders can easily understand and agree upon they can be carried out in an effective and efficient co-creative undertaking. Collaboration is key.