Sparta’s consultant ranks consist of a diverse set of skilled professionals. Upon joining the Spartan ranks, they have committed to our value promise and adopted a spartan attitude.

Skill Sets

The areas of expertise Sparta can muster include:

  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems
  • Product Data Management (PDM/PLM)
  • Data Governance
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Protection
  • Project Leadership and Management
  • Technology Comparison and Tendering
  • Mapping and Outlining System and Information Landscapes
  • Methodologies related to Information Management
  • Change Management
  • Information Training and Coaching
  • Information & Data Advisory Roles


We take our work seriously yet not ourselves so much. We aim to awaken authentic enthusiasm at our customers and leverage it to transfer our expertise to them. This requires a fearless, open-minded attitude and above all a desire to understand the customer’s operations and challenges. An attitude, which will lead our customers to understand and appreciate the value and potential of their information.



In order to live up to our value promise, each Spartan is an expert and ultimate professional in their field. Each of our warriors carries with them a detailed knowledge of business and information management development. To each customer and to each project, we recruit the Spartans with the skillsets best matching its unique requirements.


Some of our Consultants

Matti Vuorema

CRM & Technology

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Combining data masses, analyzing them, and utilizing the results to a business benefit are all in Matti’s expertise. Be it ETL configurations, setting up a Data Lake, or creating a data-driven business concept, all challenges are approached with an enthusiastic attitude. Matti’s working experience ranges from IT management to handling large data masses of media corporations. With such a background diving straight into the deep end is no problem. Outside of work, Matti can be found with a soldering iron in hand doing technology projects, or enjoying physical activities in the forms of martial arts.

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Antti Ollikainen

BI & Architectures

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Enthusiastic information management, data and analytics expert, who does not believe the world to be ready, but rather relies on continuous development and learning. With a comprehensive background ranging from practical engineering to painting with a broader brush, Antti understands processes, technology and people alike. In addition to continuous development, Antti is guided by his will to understand the environment and the challenges faced in a quest to figure out the most simple and practical solutions possible for each situation. In addition to consulting, Antti is responsible for our internal tool development with the title Product Owner. Antti’s style is also reflected in his freetime hobbies, which range from dancing to quantum physics – both in theory and in practice.  

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Anne Koikkalainen

Customer Data Management

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A rare combination of technology and business expertise, to whom being mediocre is not a option. Things are either done right, or not bothered with at all. Thrives as well with developing processes, as with implementing changes in system level to support them. An analytical mind, who recognizes development areas quickly and acts on them swiftly. Anne is especially fond of CRM systems trimmed to their max both in terms of processes and technology. In her freetime she likes running around the woods with a map in her hand.

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Ulla Salin

Enterprise Content Management

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A leading expert in terms of Enterprise Content Management, with about 20 years of experience on the field. In addition to numerous practical implementations, Ulla has worked with developing industry standards both in- and outside of Finnish borders. In her working time Ulla loves to talk about metadata and the business potential of well managed content. In her freetime you can find her at the stables, taking care of her very own horsey Sepi.

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Janne Maijanen

Architectures & Technology

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Analytical and fact oriented, yet a driving force for change. Janne’s specialities include different architectures, and understanding business needs and viewpoints in order to transform them into purposeful information management tasks. Jannes comprehensive working background ensures that he can discuss as well with C-level decision makers as with technical system engineers, ensuring that the target remains clear across all levels. Janne has been able to apply his skills across multiple different environments, from which especially Product Data Management and technology development projects stand out. In his freetime, instead of the cozy warmth of his home, you can find him in the middle of a forest, a mountain or a glacier.

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Merja Tarvainen

Architectures, Processes & MDM

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Merja has experience from a multitude of different information management and system development projects, across multiple different fields. Practical tasks have included testing, test planning, requirement and functionality definition, concepting, change management and training. She has special expertise on data definition, testing, and master data management. Merja has a M.Sc. degree, majoring in knowledge management. Merja is passionate about solution oriented approaches, flexibility, and interaction aiming to spread understanding.

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