Starting point:

Client had challenges in person master data processes and governance methods.

There were visible ambiguities in data ownership between IT and HR.

Need to develop a new architecture for future development projects.

End results:

As a result, a master data standard was created for person master data. Standard described the essential person master data; definitions if the data in question and it’s usage in operative processes.

An architecture framework was introduced to guide future system and integration development.

What we did?

Project was initiated by client’s IT department to clarify master data definitions (what it is? What it is not?), purpose and life cycle in different processes.

Alongside Sparta created new data management processes which were embedded in operative processes.

A current state analysis was conducted as well as a drafting of a target state architecture with the relevant information life cycle suggestions.

Sparta designed a tailored solution for client’s master data governance. To promote the continuity of master data standard development a technical solution was created to publish and maintain the master data standard.