We mobilize in order to encourage enthusiasm and success. Engaging, with our clients, in a customized campaign intended to reveal new intelligence.

"Change is inevitable -- except from a vending machine." -Robert C. Gallagher

Projecting Experience

Examples of commissions Sparta Consulting excels in:

  • Data Architecture and Modeling
  • Data Quality Assessments
  • Data Quality Development
  • Data Migration
  • Process Mapping
  • System Development
  • Analytics design
  • Compliance evaluation
  • Initial work to support:
    • Automation
    • Robotics
    • Artificial Intelligence
  • Strategic Advice
  • Strategic Partnership

Increasing Understanding

At times those responsible for business administration, information management, and technology performance may seem to be speaking different languages. This can produce unintentional conversations with cross-purposes. Conflicting terminology might also hinder comprehension and cooperation. Even the business bottom line.

As outsiders looking in, this is one of the initial staging areas where external expertise can constructively influence cross-party. understanding and vision.

Lasting Change

The forming of a phalanx. A body of people standing or moving in close formation. A practice reproduced within data processes as well. A finger. Digit. 0 and 1. Pointing the way forwards. We seek signal intelligence.

Spartans don’t just show up. We join in. Our client relationships involve working together in the same ranks with our supporters learning to understand their operations and the challenges they face. Become Embedded. We make your mission ours.

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