Improving the efficiency of your information management can bring significant business advantage, whether it is a question of IT, financial management, sales, human resources, procurement, or logistics. Not all information is equal in value, because its value is only realized when information is utilized. Are you aware of how the value of your information changes at any given time? Which information is valuable to your organization, and why? We strive to clarify how your information transforms into euros, and above all we ensure that your information works towards promoting your business in an optimal way.

High-quality information can certainly produce high-quality reports; but why stop there, when the same effort can lead to productive operational management? That is the situation where your information can truly create value for your organization.


Would you like to improve your invoicing, or develop your understanding of CAPEX, based on accurate asset information? Are you confused by regulations such as Solvency II, or Basel III? An understanding of information, and its flow within an organization, is a pre-requisite in gaining a clear view of your assets. In addition to IT, our understanding extends to business, and we strive to bring these two worlds together.

Sales & Marketing

Customer segmentation, increasing the efficiency of sales management, improving customer services, and recognizing opportunities for upselling are certainly desirable targets. Let us look together at your situation, and see what, with the help of better information, could be the next step in developing your sales strategy.


Does creating company reports cause you headaches? Are all processes in your current infrastructure necessary? Do you know what is actually the easiest way in which your business information needs can be satisfied? Shall we analyze this for you, and identify the unnecessary parts in your system field?

Human Resources

Complying with the law on personal data is compulsory for everyone. Do you know what that means in practice for your HR processes? How can the recruitment process be set up to run more smoothly? Can you create the HR part of your yearly reporting easily? We have experience in the development of human resource data on a large scale, and we are sure to bring new perspectives into finding a solution for your challenges.

Procurement and logistics

Optimizing your inventory, improving the efficiency of your supply chain, consolidating your procurement chains, and improving the efficiency of your whole delivery chain through the use of high quality information is possible. Managing materials’ control and procurement strategies, in order to increase work production is on everyone’s to-do list. Let us look at which information your processes run on, and get the best performance out of your machines!

Material- and service management

A well-planned product data management strategy achieves better results, by reducing time spent in production processes, as well as by reducing error repair costs. A well maintained information management on production control and resources awards you with quicker reaction capabilities in a global market. We strive to bring you transparency and control of your production, whether it concerns projects, bolts or services.


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