In order to utilize information, a certain standard of quality is necessary. For you to know the level of quality of your information, you need to be able to decide what is considered good, and what not. Information is useless, unless you can trust its correctness.

In a growing digital environment, business is built increasingly over high quality and well modelled information. Building high-quality information requires a working information architecture with well-designed properties, governance models, integrations, and quality assessments. Spartans have a wide practical experience in how high-quality information can build sustainable foundations for business development. Whether it is a question of master data management, information architecture, governance models, migration, or anything else related to information quality, we have the required skills and we can help. You will not find a stronger combination of information management skills in Finland.

Master Data Management

The processes and technologies of Master Data Management are our daily bread and butter. We provide answers related to projects from ramp up to execution and on to maintenance phase.

Information architecture

A high-quality, well-documented information architecture is fundamental for the creation of a flexible system architecture. We have seen solutions that work, as well as solutions that don’t work so well. Do you know what kind of information flows in your systems, and how?

Data governance models

The ownership of the data is vital in the development of sustainable, high-quality information. There has been a proliferation of governance models on the market, but in the end, the solution should always be tailored to the organization.

Data Quality

The usefulness of an information system relates directly to the quality of the data it contains. Well timed, high-quality information creates well-timed, high-quality business. What is the quality of your information? What works and what should be developed further? Quality of information is close to our heart, because we know that low-quality information is unusable.


We are ESB and SOA experts and our goal is an integration architecture as beautiful as possible. The truth, however, is that sometimes reaching the desired outcome takes time. Business must run and develop even before the optimal outcome is reached. We envision – but we also take into account the everyday business realities.


Changes in architecture often lead to changes in system level and thus migrations. If your new system is based on old information, you will experience the old problems in a new wrapping. We have experience in the steps involved in migrating both big and small and we recognize the pitfalls involved, because we have seen them before. You do not need to run into them, when there are other options available.


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