The surrounding environment has changed from the cozy internet to a “Wild West” like place where multiple parties, such as nation-states, traditional criminals, opportunists, hobbyists and hactivists conduct activities which are causing various indirect or direct harm to home users and businesses. Whilst the Internet is a great place for connecting the world and enabling business, the irrelevancy of speed and location also means that anyone, anywhere, anytime can attempt to gain access to information, assets and resources of any entity. The Spartan approach to cyber security, from the point of information management, master data and associated activities, gives us a unique perspective to business effective and efficient measures.

Information management is part of cyber security, as you cannot protect the integrity and quality of your data, unless you have the quality and structure in the first place. We are one of the very few security providers who can say that we’re able to spot business opportunities from the security investments as well.

Spartans, acting as your trusted counselors, provide expertise, experience, knowledge and strategies that enable our clients to be proactive in their cyber security – tailoring to our clients’ needs, explaining the present, anticipating trends and looking ahead.

Here are some examples about how our cyber counselors can assist you. We are not however limited to this, and due to our experience, we tailor the approaches depending on you, our customers’ needs.

  • Analyzing ongoing events in order to describe present, and forecast trends that may present a threat or possibility to your company. Also recommending directions.
  • Participating in projects and groups to confirm or question direction as well as the technologies you are using or thinking to utilize.
  • Implementing information security and business continuity management systems aligning with governance and management of enterprise IT. Managing application penetration testing.
  • Evaluating and guiding preventive cyber security and secure software development practices for architects, developers, experts and management.
  • Reviewing projects, architectures, vendors, etc.
  • “Coffee”, regular follow-up visit for discussing progress and overseeing matters at hand. For example one day per month based on specific needs.

Sparta counselors have experience being in trusted positions, internationally from smaller companies to large enterprises, financial entities and governmental environments. We work on multiple levels in corporations, from strategic to technical details. Both with present and future in mind, not forgetting the past either.


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