We Spartans are among the best in our field, and in accordance with our Spartan philosophy, each of us stands personally behind our work. According to history, Spartans leaving for war were given the following piece of advice: “Return with your shield, or on it”. This same spirit inspires our value proposition, which states that we will charge only according to the amount of real added value we have produced. We can make this promise, because our workers truly are among the top experts in their field.

Consulting puts our information management expertise to use whether in leading projects and ventures, the creation of architectures, service management, training, mentoring, choice of suppliers and tools, information management in acquisition situations, and pretty much in any situation you can come up with. Our long experience in this field makes it easy for us to promise that the job will get done in the right way. We Spartans are veterans of difficult transitions, and time savers when it comes to changes in organization.

Project management

In Sparta you will find experience on managing projects, big and small. While budgets and schedules are important, so is a clear understanding of the estimated impact a project will have. A technically sound project, flawless in budget, schedule, and execution might still have an underwhelming impact, and the money invested consequently being lost. We have an understanding of what is worth pursuing, and what is not, in order to gain the best gain from a project.

Service management

We are well acquainted with SLAs and ITILs, but more crucially, we have real practical experience in the setting up and running of services. We can tell you whether you are investing too much, or too little, in order to ensure the continuity of your services.


Those who cannot do, teach? We Spartans have begun to challenge this nugget of “wisdom”, and we are willing to share our knowledge and expertise. Right now, we offer training both in master data management, as well as in identity access management. If you have needs for training, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will tailor a package suited to your needs.


Our goal is to teach our customers to do things by themselves, and not to charge them for the same task over and over. We believe that only in this way can true development be reached. Our previous customers have become torchbearers, and more will certainly come in the future. This spreading of knowledge and understanding is the biggest reward for our work.

Supplie selection

Supplier selection has great and long-lasting effects. Suppliers should not be chosen blindly; help from experts in the field should be utilized. We make choices objectively and with confidentiality, for we have not tied ourselves to any technology or major supplier.

Technology and tool evaluations

The understanding of what is necessary to accomplish which task is essential in choosing the right technology and tool. We have, over the years, executed evaluations for a number of different requirements, and we are familiar not only with the tools, but also with their providers. Since we have no technological or provider dependencies, we are able to tell you honestly what the most appropriate solution is for your needs.


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