Press release: Cybersecurity Solution to Address Information Manipulation and Information Integrity Released

Finnish Sparta Consulting has released its software solution, Huginn, to help both public institutions and private companies tackle the emerging threat of information manipulation and protect their critical information assets’ integrity and reliability. Huginn is intended for organizations that cannot afford to lose trust on their core operation and decision making information. Special focus has been put on improving protection for critical infrastructure operators, especially financial, energy and healthcare sectors.

“Huginn was born from our discovery that companies and institutions in general are everything but aware of their information assets’ integrity. They have few, if any, means to have an objective say on whether their lifeblood, information, can be trusted or if it has been manipulated. We consider this to be an unacceptable situation, especially in the case of critical infrastructure operators, those most likely to be targeted by complex and hard to detect and even harder to mitigate information manipulation attacks”, tells Jani Antikainen, the founder behind Huginn.

“The emergence of information manipulation has been emphasized by US top intelligence officers in 2015 as the possible next push of the envelope in the cyber-domain. This was no news to us as Huginn was well under development already then, but that and very advanced cases of information manipulation, such as the Carbanak and Bangladesh bank heists, have raised the awareness, which is important. Not to forget good old Stuxnet, the first masterpiece of information manipulation”, Antikainen further elaborates.

Where current available cybersecurity solutions focus on solving the challenges of confidentiality and availability of informatio, Huginn provides an answer to the simple, yet fundamental question of whether we can trust and act based on our information assets. Huginn is one of the very first security solutions also ensuring business process integrity and situational awareness into enterprise risks. It is capable of bridging the gap between business, ICT, security and enterprise risk management, presenting information security as something else than just a cost. Huginn turns cyber security into a business interest.

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