We cherish the ideal of service, as well as business and professional ethics. We do our best in our everyday work, in order to spread our values more broadly in our field.

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Trust, utilize, lead, protect

The philosophy of Sparta is that information has to be reliable, it should be used in a way that creates competitive advantage, managed efficiently and it needs to be protected effectively to minimize risks.

Sparta was founded because we wanted to create for ourselves the kind of a company we always wanted to work for. We also wanted to do consulting in an ethical way, always delivering value to our customers. Sparta offers information management solutions that are different from the mainstream. We are proud of the way we work and operate. Sparta combines business understanding, information management and cyber security services in a unique way. We believe that business and information architecture should be a single entity, not forgetting security architecture and risk management.

Sparta is a growth company which is owned by its staff. Sparta employs industry-leading experts, and thanks to our ongoing growth, we are always looking for the best in the business to join our forces. Sakari Sanaksenaho is serving as the company’s CEO. Our experts have a long experience in identifying and managing change, of even the most difficult kind for every type of organization. Technology is a significant agent in the development of operational strategies, but the best benefits of technology are achieved when people are part of the change. In this, Sparta is the best.

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Transferring knowledge

The task of us Spartans is to bring new competencies to the customer, and to transfer our knowledge to our customers. Our goal is to find a sustainable solution, which will remain effective on the long term. The transfer of knowledge, and the value continues even after the project has reached its end.

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Common sense

Spartans can of course get into a philosophical debate and discuss the deepest essence of information architecture. Sometimes, big ideas are necessary in order to find the right direction. However, in his everyday operations, a Spartan tries to simplify concepts in order to achieve results by implementing solutions in small reachable steps.

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A Spartan is direct in his talk and in his actions. The majority of our customer projects are made of problems that need solutions. That is why we believe in solving problems, not simply talking about them.

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Specialization eventually leads to stagnation and a loss of perspective. We know from experience that collecting tools from different areas of expertise will result in faster and more efficient ways of working and finding solutions.

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“Prefer punishment to disgraceful gain; for the one is painful but once, but the other for one’s whole life” (Chilon). Sometimes a Spartan will notice that a customer is about to do something meaningless. In these situations, the Spartan will explain how things stand, and where to best direct that useful energy instead.

Our job is to bring and transfer our knowledge to our customers. We look at the big picture and challenge when we see an opportunity to develop. We always aim to develop ourselves, every day. -Ever to excel.