Longstanding partnership

Vapo is an international conglomerate developing energy and environmental solutions. We have worked as Vapo’s partner in several information management projects:

  • Internal personnel data (Person MDM) management model concept creation
  • Creating requirement specifications for an identity
    and access management (IAM) system tendering
  • Implementing real time monitoring for an end-to-end
    invoicing process spanning across multiple functions
  • Creating data management models and providing practical support to GDPR implementation, including requirement specifications, person data mapping, risk assessments and privacy policies

Years of co-operation
Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIA)
Extensive data management projects
Customer grade for the partnership*


  • Person data quality assessment and development planning
  • Customer data quality assessment and development planning
  • Requirement specification for IAM solution tendering
  • Requirement specification and implementation action plan for a GDPR compliance project


  • Mapping organisation wide invoicing processes; defining control points for monitoring
  • Concepting for IAM procurement (technical PoC)
  • Describing system architecture for person data handling processes and the systems used
  • Mapping and collecting GDPR compliance requirements


  • Defining a person master data concept
  • Vendor evaluation and decision sparring for CRM system procurement
  • System and operation specific data privacy impact assessments (DPIA’s)
  • System and operation specific data privacy policies


  • Requirement specifications for system procurement to ensure acquired system usability and quality
  • Implementing real time monitoring for invoicing process
  • Training the use of a privacy management framework and practical duties related to it