HR & CRM Master Data development

Fingrid manages the main power grid of Finland, including it’s maintenance, design and monitoring. We have been working with Fingrid to develop capabilities to better utilize internal person data and customer data in three subsequent projects.

  • Process mappings for functions utilizing and producing customer data
  • Information architectures and data management models for different functions
  • Compiling Customer Master Data and harmonizing data quality across multiple source systems of varying states
  • Creation and end user training of a data management model and data standard, from facilitating training sessions to providing practical support

Removed contact duplicates
Joint customer data sources
Process descriptions
Customer grade for the partnership*


  • Process descriptions on different phases of information life-cycle
  • Defining target states and scenarios for a CRM implementation project; mapping targets, resources and development areas
  • Defining current state information and system architectures


  • Data quality development plan for used data sources and the data they contain
  • Mapping information management current practices and defining target state
  • Planning and documenting a data standard and a data governance model


  • Standardizing customer and contact data quality, timeliness and content
  • Compiling new CRM master data from multiple source systems
  • Implementing a data standard and a data governance model


  • Training on how to do data mappings in practice
  • Facilitating workshops on data and information development
  • Teaching modern and effective information management methodology
  • Follow-up reporting on data quality development