Developing a concept model to support business operations

Fennia is a company providing insurance and financial services, owned by its customers. We have worked with Fennia across multiple information management projects. One of these projects was about creating the foundations for an information storage:

  • Concept definition and modelling made from the point of view of business operations
  • Planning and supporting a tendering process for acquiring a tool to maintain and develop the data- and concept model
  • Building business analytics metrics based on available data
  • Building transparent, traceable reporting; documenting integrations from the report all the way to the original data source


Business areas with unified terms & concepts
Source systems integrated into a single data storage
Centralized location for defining and maintaining terms & concepts
customer grade for the partnership*


  • Interviews and workshops with business representatives
  • Choosing the best methods and procedures for the task
  • Making a requirement analysis for tool tendering and procurement


  • Collecting and unifying terms & concepts across three different business areas
  • Creating documentation models and document templates to depict data behaviour in a business relevant manner


  • Reviewing through existing data storages on a database-level
  • Practical support to tool tendering and selection (Collibra)
  • Supporting the implementation of a Enterprise Data Warehouse


  • Integrating the data model into the reporting system; report data sources traceable directly from reporting interface (Tableau)
  • Documenting term and concept models (Collibra)
  • Connecting report data with valid sources (Confluence)