Utilizing CRM systems and customer data to their full potential

EnerKey (former Enegia) is a company providing energy efficiency and energy management services. We have helped EnerKey to combine, standardize and simplify business processes and systems in a post-merger situation.

  • Developing and implementing basic Master Data Management processes; defining and deduplicating master data
  • Data migration and metadata insertion into a document management system
  • Developing CRM system to better support the end-to-end process from new customer acquisition all the way to delivery management
  • Modelling customer and location data (one-to-many relationship) and automatizing their management in CRM systems


1 million
Migrated records
35 000
Combined customer records
100 000
Files under document management
Customer grade for the partnership


  • Analyzing existing CRM systems and the data they include
  • Mapping the end-to-end process from sales to delivery, including what tools are used and which of their functionalities are utilized


  • Mapping and depicting customer data requirements
  • Defining practical business process based requirements for customer data migration


  • Utilizing and defining software robotics to migrate large amounts of customer data en masse, overseeing the robotic functionalities in the actual migration
  • Creating capabilities to propagate customer orders to multi-address delivery processes


  • Ensuring the functionality of end-to-end from order to delivery process
  • Training process owners and admin users to use the new procedures
  • Controlled shutdown of selected systems and migrating their data to the new environment